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The relentless American

The relentless Brit

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The Relentless Italian.

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The Relentless American is the story of Hannah O'Brien, an ardent anti-war protester of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. After college graduation, Daniel, her friend and an Army Reservist, proposes marriage. Hannah has things to do and marriage is not one of them. Daniel walks away and volunteers to serve in the Army Hospital in Japan. His flight lands in Danang, Vietnam where the fighting is intense.

The relentless italian

The Relentless Italian is Tony Andriosi, who falls helplessly in love with Sophie Carrieri. He wants her to go to Italy with him after college graduation. She has plans to go to Veterinary School at Cornell, in Ithaca, NY. Will Can an ocean, two continents and three mothers keep them apart?


The Relentless Brit, a tale of sex, romance, love, espionage,  spies and war. Marie Gentile, an American widow and a divorce investigator yearns for change, but U.S. involvement in World War II looms on the horizon. Charles Standhope, a British agent, recruits her into the newly organized spy movement by working with her to translate propaganda.



Thank you for visiting my new website. Here you will see how to experience the times of your parents, grandparents, even great grandparents. You begin in the United States and travel to other continents. You will experience history as you read about relentless heroes and heroines that will capture your heart. You will feel their needs and desires. Take time to read my historical romances and you will see what I mean.